What do I do if my temporary crown comes off?

It’s not unusual for a temporary crown to come off before your next visit. We make them easy to remove so the tooth isn’t damaged in the process of removing the temporary to place the permanent crown.

There are a couple of reasons for the temporary crown. One is for your comfort. Covering exposed dentin makes your tooth less sensitive to changes of temperature and osmotic fluid movement in the dentinal tubules. The second reason is the temporary holds the space between the prepared tooth and the teeth around it. Keeping that space constant is important for the fit of your new permanent crown.

If your temporary crown comes off early, please let us know even if it doesn’t bother you. We can have you back in to re-cement, remake the temporary, or we may be able to seat your permanent crown sooner. IF you can’t come in, try to re-cement the crown yourself with denture adhesive. This can be purchase at any pharmacy without a prescription. Please do not use superglue! It is toxic to the tooth and may damage it permanently.

Of course we’re hoping you only need this information for trivia night!